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01 name. age. city. sexuality.
Sarah. 16. Coral Springs (FL). Straight.

02 job you wish you had :
hmmm... recently photographer, singer (i'm learning the guitar), and artist... all very time-consuming

03 most treasured possession:
it would have to be my family&friends... but if we are talking objects i would say.... my

04 favorite musician(s) [up to but not more than five.]:
Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Jewel, The Used (they're a little out of place aren't they?)

05 favorite song from [each of] the above:
Zero Percent Interest, Taylor, Who Will Save Your Soul, I Caught Fire

06 song to dance to:
"Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield

07 song to fuck to:
ha, sorry. i haven't chosen one yet

08 pick your poison: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, or all of the above :
haven't done any yet... but i'm sure that if its to be one it would be cigarettes... nothing that serious

09 roadtrip to the beach or staying out all night:
roadtrip to the beach definately

10 suggest a theme idea for next week:
people who changed your life... ( too cheesey?)

11how did you find wedance__alone</lj>
i searched my interests for "singer/songwriters"

12 pictures of yourself. don't be a whore, post less than five. at least two where we can see your face. 

and this is just my favorite...

~and along with the application i wanted to know what type of pictures were allowed and which weren't, thanks~
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