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I have an F in spanish...

believe it or not i'm failing my spanish even though we only have 3 grades in there... i have a 20/30, a 30/30, and a 0/30.... so that all adds up to 50/90.... so basically i suck. my dad was upset and my mom was upset, and i'm angry because i didn't turn something in on time so she may not grade it... but i'll just havta do it this weekend and try to turn it in on monday.... but i should have turned it in yesterday... but, being me, i didn't do it....

i wonder how i keep As and Bs when i practically never do my homework or study.... if i did study and do my homework, would that mean i'd get straight As? and havta take higher grade classes? yeah thats what my parents were trying to make me do. my mom said that i barely work hard on it and i still get good grades and my dad says i should study more and then i'd not havta worry about getting bad grades.... but either way, they want me to do more to do better... don't u hate parents?

yeah so i'mma gonna go and finally look at my myspace thing since, after all, i did make it to be able to comment on and look at other people's myspaces...

nevermind... the bell just rang....
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